About Bergen Marine Research Cluster

Our aim is to strengthen the research co-ordination and profiling by stimulating existing diversity, competence and infrastructure within marine research and education. This is essential for providing answers to regional, national and global challenges in climate, environment and resources, technology and health.

To succeed, we target the following subjects:

Øyvind Paasche

Øyvind Paasche

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About the project manager

Making Bergen a European marine capital 
— a knowledge cluster.

  • Strengthen basal- and applied marine research
  • Stimulate innovation for targeting challenges in marine industries and management
  • Visualize the social benefits that derives from knowledge obtained through marine research
  • Profile the marine competence within our partner institutions
  • Promote Bergen as a centre for national and international projects, conferences, and professional secretaries
  • Collaborate on recruitment of skilled students and researchers, and develop the education and training of researchers

We are currently establishing collaborations regarding scientific cruises, new infrastructure, and procurement of high-level research equipment. We are also focusing on the establishment of new framework agreements with international institutions and research clusters.