Apply for Ocean Outlook Fellowships now!

Apply for Ocean Outlook Fellowships now!


Ocean Outlook is a project supported by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education that aims to strengthen the transatlantic bonds between marine research and educational centers in Bergen, Norway (the University of Bergen, Institute of Marine Research, the Nansen Center, Uni Research, Nofima, CMR, Nifes and the University Hospital) and in the US (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The focal point of the project is the annual Ocean Outlook conference, which is held alternately in Bergen and in Woods Hole. The 2017 Ocean Outlook (OO17) – Seeing Under Water – conference will be held in Bergen 19-21 April and registration can be done at this webpage:

In conjunction with the conference we announce the Ocean Outlook Fellowship to support student exchange between Norway and the US:

(i) Long-term fellowships

- up to 6 months in duration and 65 kNOK in support

- take place in spring/fall 2017 or spring 2018.

- results to be featured at the 2018 Ocean Outlook conference in Woods Hole

(ii) Short-term fellowships

- up to 3 weeks in duration and 20 kNOK in support

- timed to allow participation in the 2018 Ocean Outlook conference (US students)

Application. For both fellowships an application of maximum length one (1) page detailing the proposed work and the Norwegian and US partners involved is required by 2. April.

Send the application to

Ocean Outlook

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