Amalie Skram Measurement Station

Amalie Skram Measurement Station

Bergen Marine Research Cluster has in collaboration with Amalie Skram Vgs. and Hordaland Fylkeskommune developed a strategy that takes science into education and education into nature. The project kicks-off after the summer break (autumn 2014) and is unique in Norway.

Amalie Skram Vgs. is situated along Store Lungegårdsvann, a seawater recipient that houses a rich biological diversity and several exciting physical and chemical processes. Store Lungegårdsvann has also changed its character during time and holds several traces from historical events, including the foundation of Bergen city.

BMRC will permanently place an advanced measurement station in Store Lungegårdsvann. This station will measure several parameters from its surrounding environment, focusing in particular on the water column. The recorded data will be integrated into the teaching of scientific subjects. It is the school and the pupils themselves that will be responsible for maintaining the measurement station throughout the year. However, experienced researchers will actively aid teachers, and thereby with a novel approach introduce the forefront of science into the classrooms. The sample station will over time also produce data series that can be of great interest for research.

This unique initiative aims to shorten the distance between Bergen city´s new school and the internationally recognized research communities surrounding it.

We are convinced that this initiative will aid the recognition of how measurements of a variety of parameters in nature can be combined with simple data analyses and transfer basal measurements to a fundamental understanding. This journey, which the pupils will be a major part of, will form the basis for the understanding of many scientific subjects.

Bergen is the marine capital of Europe. This initiative it will reflect that in our education as well, with a pronounced expectation of better preparing our pupils for handling future challenges.

Nyheter om prosjektet

Kunnskapsminister Røe Isaksen åpner målestasjonen 'Gabriel'

Sammen med Amalie Skram Vgs har Uib og BMF vært med på å utvikle en innovativ realfagundervisning ved bruk av ekte data. En formell åpning skjedde i dag.

Et fremragende eksempel

Kunnskapsminister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen skryter av realfagsprosjektet vårt med Amalie Skram