Ocean Outlook

Ocean Outlook

The pressures on the oceans of the world are increasing and at the same time climate models predict drastic changes in their composition and capacity with respect to biomass production, currents, temperature, salinity, chemistry, ice cover and so forth. In-depth knowledge about the oceans will be in high demand in the years to come in order to secure informed decision-making and best manage and safeguard marine resources and environments. This requires a firm grasp of the marine systems, their baseline conditions, the changes they are currently undergoing as well as those they will face in the time to come.

Conferences in Bergen and Woods Hole

The first Ocean Outlook meeting (OO15) was held in Bergen over two days. The second meeting was in Woods Hole (OO16) with a large group from Norway attending. This year's Ocean Outlook meeting (OO17) is again held in Bergen with the heading 'Seeing under water'. I

Meeting Organization: Ocean Outlook will include presentations by leading international experts on marine sciences and environmental changes, and promote roundtable scientific discussions addressing important issues regarding the status of the oceans, current challenges and those on the horizon, and the possible solutions.

Bergen Marine Research Cluster organizes the OO-meetings together with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and also with contributions from MIT.

Dates and Meeting Venue: April 19-21, 2017, City of Bergen. There will be an icebreaker and opening of the conference at the grand Aulaen at the Natural Museum of History. The actual meeting will be held at Vil Vite building in Thormølensgate 51, see map for location. There will be conference dinner the 20th April.

The final deadline for registration and abstract submission is set to April 1 March, 2017. 

REGISTER: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=3044807

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Send abstracts (200 words) to oo17abstract@gmail.com

The program for Ocean Outlook 2017 can be found here


Øyvind Paasche

Øyvind Paasche


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The program for Ocean Outlook 2017 is now complete

The final program for Ocean Outlook can now be downloaded

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